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Dr. Sophia Fountis

Weight Loss section

Dr. Fountis utilizes the PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) Theory and developed her "A Healthier Weigh" weight loss program. She had trained at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation to utilize this medically supervised program. Obesity is a primary health concern and risk factor in coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, gall bladder disease, arthritis, and peripheral vascular disease.

Medical studies also suggest that obesity is linked to many diseases such as cancer, and is becoming a major national health problem. The PSMF Weight Loss Program is a safe weight loss program tailored to meet the participant’s needs.

Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center

If you're looking for a medical weight loss program that works, Chiro-Med Center is the only name you can rely on. We provide advanced weight loss consulting in Scottsdale, AZ. When it comes to adolescent weight loss, no one can approach our level of quality. With our diet programs, we know you'll be more than happy with the results. Contact us for more information today.

Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center

What You Can Expect

This is a physician monitored, safe weight reduction program. Women on an average lose 0.5 pounds per day and men on an average lose O.8 per day. Real food with no gimmicks, no drugs, no funny food, no fads, no fancy formulas, no dangerous surgery and no calorie counting.

60lbs = 120 days for Women

96lbs = 120 days for Men

A Healthier Weigh

Chiro-Med Centers, PC is home of “A Healthier Weigh” lecture series and support group held monthly over the past 27 years. It’s free and open to the public! It’s a great way to get educated on current topics in medicine, stay accountable, and stay motivated to achieve and master "A Healthier Weigh."

Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center

Healthier Weigh Results

Dr. Nick Kalogeromitros

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy

IDD therapy is a protocol that was developed by a team of neurosurgeons, neurologists and orthopedic surgeons to help avoid the need for surgery, injections or pain medication. Its advanced computer generated technology can isolate an affected spinal vertebra and mobilize it while repositioning surrounding vertebra.

This technology has been brought to Scottsdale, Arizona by Neuro-Med Centers COO, Dr. Nick Kalogeromitros who is certified in this therapy. For over five years he has had amazing results with patients who suffer with acute and chronic back pain, radiating pain in the legs, thighs or hips, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, pinching (impingement) in the back, hips, or legs, pelvic, thigh or leg pain, extreme lower back discomfort or tugging, sciatica, and even posterior facet syndrome.

IDD therapy stimulates hydration, which adds oxygen and nutrients into the disc to promote renewal of damaged tissue naturally. During therapy with IDD the patient lies on the table for approximately 30 minutes per visit. This new technology gently manipulates the spinal segment that is being affected. This results in vertebral distraction while unloading intra-discal pressures. The goal is to restore normal spinal function and allow patient mobility and relief. Studies have revealed 87-92% improvement after a series of treatments. *

*For sources of these statistics visit

Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center
Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center
Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center

Lite Therapy

More than 20 million people suffer from the painful complications of chronic poor circulation. Circulatory pain can make it difficult to do daily tasks like just walking.

Now there is a non-invasive, patented FDA Cleared device called Lite Therapy which brings significant relief to those who suffer from poor circulation. Poor circulation results from many conditions most commonly from diabetes, alcohol abuse, peripheral vascular disease, chemotherapy, trauma, drugs like Statins and autoimmune diseases.
Lite Therapy brings monochromatic infrared energy at a wavelength of 890 nm from 60 super-luminous diodes from each pad. The light therapy penetrates 3-5 cm into the affected body tissue and causes a biological cascade that liberates Nitrous Oxide from our blood cells that then leads to vasodilation. This indirectly causes increased blood flow to the affected area. In return this speeds up the healing process by bringing nutrients to the tissues needed to heal and subsequently relieve pain.


Instrument assisted adjustment device. It allows a light adjustment for the patients that are afraid of manipulation and of the cracking noise. It also works great for range of motion and loosening up the joints prior to an adjustment. The tool can also be used for great deep muscle work. Great for elderly patients, patients with osteoporosis, patients with fusion, or anybody who can’t have a rotary adjustment.

Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center
Chiro-Med Center | Home of Neuro-Med Center

Gentle Electrical Therapy

Gentle Electrical Therapy involves a device that can relieve chronic pain, boost circulation, increase muscle strength, relax muscles, and increase range of motion. There are many conditions that can be treated with rebuilder which include neuropathy, diabetic nerve pain, intermittent claudication, post-surgical recovery, plantar fasciitis as well as carpal tunnel.

This device centers on an electric stimulator that measures how a person’s nerves are abnormally firing then sends an electrical frequency to get nerves back into a normal firing pattern. The results are very impressive and lasting.

Dr. Michael Hiras

Dr. Hiras has over 30 years of experience in chiropractic care and has always emphasized a whole body approach with every patient. He uses the most effective and advanced methods to help rehabilitate a patient to health. He utilizes diversified chiropractic techniques which also include Gonstead techniques. He treats acute and chronic pain of the spine including neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, join pains, headaches and auto and work related injuries. He accepts most major insurance plans. He is also a preferred medicare provider and works with liens. To get started on the path to better health call the friendly staff at Chiro-Med Center and schedule an appointment

Dr. Michael Hiras